Transorbital and Endonasal Skull Base Course: Minimally Invasive Cranial Neurosurgery

Transorbital Skull Base Surgery Course

Registration now open for 2024 course!

Dr. Theodore Schwartz directs an annual course in minimally invasive surgery that introduces the very latest in advanced techniques. In previous years the course has covered endoscopic endonasal approaches, tubular surgery, robot-assisted surgery, keyhole approaches, and more. For 2022, the hands-on course focused exclusively on transorbital approaches; in 2023 the course covered transorbital and supraorbital approaches as well as the endoscopic endonasal approach. Arising from a collaboration between oculoplastic, ENT surgeons, and neurosurgeons, the endoscopic transorbital approach provides access to areas in the lateral skull base (such as the cavernous sinus, Meckel’s cave, and sphenoid wing) that are inaccessible to the endonasal approach. The goals of the course were to teach surgeons how to perform these new approaches as well as their indications, contraindications, and limitations. There is currently a gap in the ability of surgeons to perform these new approaches since they are not learned during a standard residency in any specialty. This course addressed this critical need.

The 2022 course drew more than 100 registrants from around the world and featured hands-on modules, lectures, and a live stream of both days. See a slide show of the course below, and subscribe to our CME Mailing List to be notified when new courses are announced.

Our 2023 course was online only, with surgical demonstrations conducted in our training lab while our Anatomy Lab undergoes renovations. Registration now open for 2024 course

Watch a video of the 2021 endoscopic endonasal course here

Our 2023 Transorbital/Supraorbital/Endonasal Course

Our 2022 Transorbital Course

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