Dr. Theodore Schwartz, Epilepsy Research

Dr. Theodore Schwartz, Weill Cornell Medicine Neurosurgery Epilepsy Lab

Dr. Theodore Schwartz, center, with members of the Epilepsy Research Lab team

The Epilepsy Research Laboratory in The Department of Neurosurgery is under the direction of Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz, who is currently conducting multipronged research efforts with his laboratory staff:

Hongtao Ma, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Neuroscience Research in Neurological Surgery  
James Niemeyer, PhD, Researcher
Fan Yang, Postdoctoral Associate
Jing Li, Visiting Postgraduate Student

The research lab is using several models of neocortical epilepsy to study how seizures start and spread through the brain, neurovascular coupling mechanisms during epilepsy, and therapeutic approaches to treat, cure or prevent epilepsy. Read more about our research projects:

Dr. Schwartz relies on the generosity of his supporters to fund his research laboratory. Find out how to make a donation to further epilepsy research.

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