Craniofacial Team Presents at Peds Section 2023

The pediatric neurosurgery team of Weill Cornell had an impressive showing last week at the 2023 meeting of the AANS/CNS Joint Section on Pediatric Neurological Surgery. The annual meeting of the joint section is the largest meeting in the United States focused on pediatric neurosurgery and is attended by more than 500 professionals from around the world. This year’s meeting, held in Oklahoma City, included two presentations and a poster from the craniofacial program of our pediatric neurosurgery team.

Rita Nguyen, MD, PhD, our fellow in pediatric neurosurgery, presented on “Advances in the Use of Virtual Surgical Planning and Venous Imaging to Optimize Surgical Decision Making and Outcomes.”

Michelle Buontempo, MSN, RN, CCRN, CPNP, senior nurse practitioner and program coordinator of our pediatric neurosurgical craniofacial program, presented on “Preoperative Recognition and Planning for Complex Craniosynostosis.”

Sergio W. Guadix, MD, a neurosurgical resident at Weill Cornell Medicine, presented a poster on "Predictors of Developmental Delays and Therapy Resource Utilization in Craniosynostosis Patients." The research in the poster was co-authored by Kyle E. Zappi, BS; Michelle Buontempo, MSN, RN CCRN CPNP; Thomas Imahiyerobo, MD; and Caitlin Hoffman, MD. Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Imahiyerobo are the co-directors of the Craniosynostosis Program at NewYork-Presbyterian.

The combined pediatric neurosurgery service of NewYork-Presbyterian, which unites Weill Cornell Medicine and Columbia University, is proud to be co-hosting next year’s joint section meeting here in New York. Our co-hosts will be the pediatric neurosurgeons of NYU Langone and Mount Sinai.

Mark Souweidane, Rita Nguyen, and Michelle Buontempo at Peds Section 2023

Mark Souweidane, Rita Nguyen, and Michelle Buontempo at Peds Section 2023

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