Match Day 2020: Weill Cornell Medicine Neurological Surgery Welcomes Newest Residents

On a Match Day subdued by the COVID-19 restrictions, Umberto Tosi and Graham Winston were named as Weill Cornell Medicine’s newest residents in neurological surgery. We are delighted that Umberto and Graham, who will complete their medical school education in May, will join us this summer to begin their rigorous seven-year training program.

Match Day is typically an exuberant affair, with medical students gathered for a communal experience as they open their match letters and celebrate together. This year the Match took place during a time of “social distancing,” but also a time of renewed commitment to training the next generation of neurosurgeons.

Both Umberto and Graham are well known to us, having worked on various projects with us over their time as Weill Cornell Medical College students. We look forward to spending the next seven years seeing them through their training program.

Umberto Tosi started working with the pediatric neuro-oncology laboratory here during his first year in medical school in 2016. He joined Dr. Mark Souweidane at the Children’s Brain Tumor Project, where he conducted a summer research project in support of Dr. Souweidane’s clinical trial testing convection-enhanced delivery of therapeutic drugs for DIPG. He took a year off medical school to work with Dr. Souweidane as the Rudin Fellow in Pediatric Neuro-oncology during the 2018-2019 academic year, during which he developed novel theranostic agents for the treatment of pediatric midline gliomas, including the creation of a novel, PET-imageable potent HDAC inhibitor. Umberto has been a volunteer peer mentor and tutor for medical students under Carol Capello, PhD, and served as the treasurer of the Medical Student Chapter of the AANS under Dr. Susan Pannullo.

Graham Winston also has a long history with our department, having worked in Dr. Kaplitt’s molecular neurosurgery research lab on multiple projects over the past two years. His focus has been on the development and delivery of viral-based gene therapies using MRI-guided focused ultrasound, an innovative technology that Dr. Kaplitt has used successfully for essential tremor and that is now being investigated for use in other conditions. He has also worked as a research assistant under Dr. Duane Hassane at Weill Cornell and Dr. Ishwar Radhakrishnan at Northwestern University.  Graham was one of the founders of the Medical Student Neurosurgery Training Camp, which started at Weill Cornell and quickly grew into a national training course for medical students preparing for neurosurgical sub-internships.  He served as a mentor for the PRIMES program at Weill Cornell, a diversity and inclusion initiative that matches medical school students with college students from underrepresented minorities. He has also volunteered at the Weill Cornell Community Clinic providing primary care to underserved patient populations.



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