New Textbook Provides a Resource for Brain and Spine Metastases

Dr. Rohan Ramakrishna, Director of the Brain Metastases program at Weill Cornell Medicine, along with Dr. Rajiv Magge, Dr. Ali Baaj, and Dr. Jonathan Knisely have published a new textbook titled Central Nervous System Metastases, which provides a contemporary resource for the medical and surgical management of brain and spine metastases. This text represents an international collaboration of experts aimed towards providing a holistic multi-disciplinary resource for practicing oncologists.

Divided into seven parts, the book starts by first covering fundamental biology of disease and follows with chapters on imaging, diagnosis, treatment, and palliation. The book’s 54 chapters serve to provide a framework for healthcare providers and trainees on how to treat patients with metastatic disease to the brain and spine.

Central Nervous System Metastases aims to help readers understand how the basic biology of metastases influence patient symptomatology and subsequent disease management. The texts ably demonstrates how CNS metastases should be approached from a multi-disciplinary perspective so that appropriate imaging tests and treatment options can be offered to patients. Finally, the text discusses the biologic rationale for current treatment approaches to CNS metastases across medicine, surgery, and radiation therapy.

The book is available on Springer’s site as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online booksellers.

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