Residency Graduation, Pandemic Style

On Friday, June 12, 2020, the Weill Cornell Medicine Neurosurgery Department held a virtual graduation celebration for Dr. Benjamin Rapoport and Dr. Thomas Link, who completed their seven-year training period in neurological surgery. The graduation ceremony is a highly anticipated event each year, with toasts and roasts all around, and the atmosphere was no less festive this year for being held over a Zoom meeting. 

The graduation event includes an announcement of the winners of the Christopher Gaposchkin Research Prize (Dr. Evan Bander) and the Apuzzo Award for Creativity and Innovation (Dr. Ibrahim Hussain). See more about the award-winning papers here.

The slide show below captures a few small slices of the event, in which our two most recent graduates were celebrated on completing this long journey and beginning their next stages. Dr. Rapoport will begin a fellowship in endoscopic surgery with Dr. Theodore Schwartz, and Dr. Link will join the neurosurgery department at Northwell North Shore Hospital. Click the gray icon to begin the slide show.

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