Anterior Cervical Foraminotomy: 2-Dimensional Operative Video.

TitleAnterior Cervical Foraminotomy: 2-Dimensional Operative Video.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTan LA, K Riew D
JournalOper Neurosurg (Hagerstown)
Date Published2018 Nov 01

We provide a step-by-step technique guide for performing anterior cervical foraminotomy in this video. An illustrative case was presented with detailed narration and a discussion of surgical nuances. Anterior cervical foraminotomy can be an effective treatment strategy for patients with unilateral cervical radiculopathy without the need for cervical spine fusion. Spine surgeons should be familiar with technique and use it as a motion-preserving surgical option in treating isolated cervical radiculopathy. There is no identifying information in this video. A patient consent was obtained for publishing of the material included in the video.

Alternate JournalOper Neurosurg (Hagerstown)
PubMed ID29617852