AOSpine Consensus Paper on Nomenclature for Working-Channel Endoscopic Spinal Procedures.

TitleAOSpine Consensus Paper on Nomenclature for Working-Channel Endoscopic Spinal Procedures.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsHofstetter CP, Ahn Y, Choi G, Gibson JNA, Ruetten S, Zhou Y, Li ZZhou, Siepe CJ, Wagner R, Lee J-H, Sairyo K, Choi KChul, Chen C-M, Telfeian AE, Zhang X, Banhot A, Lokhande PV, Prada N, Shen J, Cortinas FC, Brooks NP, Van Daele P, Kotheeranurak V, Hasan S, Keorochana G, Assous M, Härtl R, Kim J-S
JournalGlobal Spine J
Issue2 Suppl
Date Published2020 Apr

Study Design: International consensus paper on a unified nomenclature for full-endoscopic spine surgery.

Objectives: Minimally invasive endoscopic spinal procedures have undergone rapid development during the past decade. Evolution of working-channel endoscopes and surgical instruments as well as innovation in surgical techniques have expanded the types of spinal pathology that can be addressed. However, there is in the literature a heterogeneous nomenclature defining approach corridors and procedures, and this lack of common language has hampered communication between endoscopic spine surgeons, patients, hospitals, and insurance providers.

Methods: The current report summarizes the nomenclature reported for working-channel endoscopic procedures that address cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spinal pathology.

Results: We propose a uniform system that defines the working-channel endoscope (full-endoscopic), approach corridor (anterior, posterior, interlaminar, transforaminal), spinal segment (cervical, thoracic, lumbar), and procedure performed (eg, discectomy, foraminotomy). We suggest the following nomenclature for the most common full-endoscopic procedures: posterior endoscopic cervical foraminotomy (PECF), transforaminal endoscopic thoracic discectomy (TETD), transforaminal endoscopic lumbar discectomy (TELD), transforaminal lumbar foraminotomy (TELF), interlaminar endoscopic lumbar discectomy (IELD), interlaminar endoscopic lateral recess decompression (IE-LRD), and lumbar endoscopic unilateral laminotomy for bilateral decompression (LE-ULBD).

Conclusions: We believe that it is critical to delineate a consensus nomenclature to facilitate uniformity of working-channel endoscopic procedures within academic scholarship. This will hopefully facilitate development, standardization of procedures, teaching, and widespread acceptance of full-endoscopic spinal procedures.

Alternate JournalGlobal Spine J
PubMed ID32528794
PubMed Central IDPMC7263337