Spontaneous regression of a clival chordoma. Case report.

TitleSpontaneous regression of a clival chordoma. Case report.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsBander ED, Kocharian G, Liechty B, Tsiouris AJ, Schwartz TH
JournalActa Neurochir (Wien)
Date Published2020 02
KeywordsAged, Chordoma, Cranial Fossa, Posterior, Female, Humans, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Neoplasm Regression, Spontaneous, Plant Extracts, Self Administration, Skull Base Neoplasms

In this case report, we present a rare and previously unreported case of spontaneous regression of a histologically consistent clival chordoma. At the time of diagnosis, imaging demonstrated a T2 hyperintense and T1 isointense midline skull base mass, centered in the nasopharynx, with scalloping of the ventral clivus consistent with a chordoma measuring 3.1 × 1.9 × 3.0 cm (8.84 cm). On pre-operative imaging 2 months later, with no intervening therapy, the mass had regressed by 61.7% to a size of 2.3 × 2.1 × 1.4 cm (3.38 cm). The patient self-administered several herbal supplements and animal oils which may have contributed to tumor regression. The purpose of this report is to document this rare occurrence and provide a comprehensive description of the case details and list of the various medications, herbs, and supplements used prior to this rare event.

Alternate JournalActa Neurochir (Wien)
PubMed ID31713157